Peter Xu

Hi! I'm Peter, a MS.HCI student at Georgia Tech.

Currently a product design intern at

Previously worked as product intern @Tezign, UX Design intern@Owaves, and UX Research Assistant @UCSD Design Lab.

I didn't enter UCSD as a Design & Interaction student. I was once specializing in the clinical aspect of cognitive science. After learning about the Design & Interaction specialization, I decided to switch because this is where my long time fondness of art can shine, and where my characteristic resonates the most.

Having taken drawing classes since childhood, I always tried to make it a regular part of life. I do pencil sketches of the games I play, and the Animes I watch. For me, doing sketching not only cultivates aesthetics, but also teaches patience, and helps develop a systematic view of factors like size, shadow, stroke, etc. I believe these lessons align very well with the skills and mindset needed for UX and Product Design. I'm also more of an extrovert, so I didn't like sitting and coding all day. I like talking with people, and I can do it a lot in design!

During my free time, I also swim, play pool, and read about history & philosophy.